I ask that you prepare for this appointment with a few ideas of your own. You may use a couple pictures, notes or just bring your ideas. It’s best that you also prepare with a priority list of items that you’d like to work on if this is not an immediate whole house project.

What it entails..

It's a work session where we get right down to the business of ideas and guidance for your project.

  • We tour your home to understand your needs and provide contextual information.

  • We offer suggestions, information and resources for color palettes, materials and trades. .

  • We help you determine the project scope and and your ultimate remodeling or finishing goals.

  • We discuss the behind the scenes and the value we bring; providing an education on the process, what to expect and how we work.

    Post Consultation… A FEE Estimate Proposal which outlines the scope of work, our estimated design fees, the terms and conditions is provided if requested for further design work.

What’s not included..

At this consultation, a design plan is not created. Designing is a separate process and a proposal can be provided for this process. Budget will be discussed, but an exact budget will not be provided because it’s impossible to determine an accurate amount without a design plan.

I do not re-arrange furniture, hang artwork, or provide any installations during this consult. I do not provide floor plans and no actual material or furniture selections are made.

My objective is to educate you, offer appropriate services based on your project goals and to help you set realistic expectations.