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What do we do with all the eye candy we saw on our travels?

I’ve traveled to Europe quite a bit in my twenties. I love art history, especially European art,.. I’ve always been fascinated in global design. The beautiful textures and rich color were very alluring. The obnoxious ornateness of french gilded interiors and architectural detailing was beauty to me. So how to we apply our travels to our everyday spaces? How do we use colors and textures and make them purposeful? Look below for images that you can use in your decor.

Start with colors that reflect your personality. Then add a couple saturated colors into your decor, for example, pillows are a fun way to add color and drama. And don’t forget art pieces. Motifs or design that adorned the museums or local art could be used in framed prints. Create enlarged prints of your favorite photo and pull colors from it. This is an area in design that most are afraid to venture into. It’s not about status, or famous artists. It’s about your reflection of what wall pieces or sculptures you appreciate. And finally, possibly the most avoided feature…. textures, this design element may be the most important. Rough textiles, baskets or textured walls should find their way into your home. Below our accessories that I love and represent global fusion.

These are some of my finds when I go shopping at one of my happy places.

These are some of my finds when I go shopping at one of my happy places.


Use bold colors

Walls, Pillows and Art

Globally sourced rugs from India, Turkey & Egypt.

Globally sourced rugs from India, Turkey & Egypt.





Wallpapers are so versatile and add instant interest to any space. There are vast choices when you choose wallpaper…it’s one of my favorite products to work with because it adds texture, pattern and depth to any space. Above are some great examples with many available color ways. The first sample has the texture I’d be looking for. Simple, yet appealing. The second sample involves a lot of geometric pattern. It’s dramatic and speaks for itself. Add some small scale geometric patterns in your decor to compliment the wallpaper. This come in beautiful colors as well by D.L. Couch.

My Client’s Bedrooms. They can be exotic, playful and romantic. They’re personal spaces and a haven for yourself. Below is a bedroom designed for a client. The elements and accents are of African origin and inspiration. This client went with grey chairs and a bed comfortlet for a cooler, modern look, but you can replace the grey elements with a bold color choice.

Global Modern Bedroom

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