“Here is one of the few effective keys to the design problem: the ability of the designer to recognize as many of the constraints as possible; his willingness and enthusiasm for working within these constraints.” –Charles Eames

About Me


I’m Eleni Domanos, Owner and Designer at Design Tree Interiors. I strive to create spaces that reflect the character and lifestyle of the individuals that inhabit them and add value to their home or place of work. My personalized approach to each interior design project, along with a positive attitude and energy, results in unique and cohesive spaces. And an exciting journey. I recommend elements in my designs that are inspired by the environment and location, as well as the client’s personal interests. My travels and education have inspired me to appreciate and contribute globally influenced elements to my designs. My approach to each project is to inspire healthy living, harmonious environments, respect the needs, life and work styles of my clients.

Every being deserves a space of pulchritude, a place to rejoice and thrive. This is why I offer services that enable potential clients with an array of budgets to hire a designer. I believe everyone should live beautifully. I’m aware that my design and all it encompasses, brings purpose to their style of living, so I’m conscientious when specifying products and introducing ideas to my clients. If they need a holistic approach to their project or are a family with special needs and interests, I’ll work hard to meet their requirements and increase their product knowledge as well. I want all their decisions to feel appropriate and their experiences joyful. Not every project is without turbulence, but on this journey we’re partners.


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